A Cracked Sidewalk Makes a Poor First Impression

Schedule a concrete sidewalk repair for your business in Alabaster & Pelham, AL

Customers will judge your business before they step foot in the door. Make a beautiful first impression with a brand-new, crack-free sidewalk from J & A Concrete. We offer concrete sidewalk installation services for commercial properties in Alabaster & Pelham, Alabama. We'll assess the damage, provide you with a free quote and fix or replace your sidewalk as efficiently as possible.

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What causes sidewalk damage?

What causes sidewalk damage?

Cracked sidewalks are bad for business. When you schedule concrete sidewalk repair service, you'll have beautiful, professional-looking curb appeal for your local business. Sidewalk damage can be caused by...

  • Moisture seeping into the concrete.
  • Heavy vehicles and machinery.
  • Ground movement from normal weather conditions.

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